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What would be on my sidebar if I had one

I did not get a chance to surf the Internet this week. Yes, again. The kids are getting more independent, meaning I have to keep closer watch on them (especially Norah). So I can't wander around cyberspace as easily as I used to. Also, I get burned out occasionally and just have to shut the computer off. Therefore, instead of links this week, I am going to show what stuff would be on my sidebar if I had a sidebar. These are the blogs I try to visit at least twice or thrice a week. Sometimes I can, and sometimes, like this week, I can't. And we're off!

2 Guys Buying Comics - Just what it says it is. Lots of interesting reviews and insight.
2 Blowhards - Lots of interesting posts about popular culture and art. Recently they linked to some fascinating stuff about porn.
Merlin's Lists of Five Things - Another thing that is just what it says it is. The lists are funny.
a little east of reality - chosha stops by here occasionally, and her blog has lots of interesting stuff about her life.
The Absorbascon - Scipio has far more knowledge about comics from DC than is probably healthy, but he's very funny. And he has haiku! And his obsession with Vibe is cool.
Accept No Substitutes - Stacy Rosembaum's political blog. It's been a while since she posted.
Ace of Spades - Very right-wing blog. Lots of kookiness, but he links to a lot of interesting stuff. If you like that sort of thing, he's for you. If you're a lefty, it's fun to read the nuttiness!
Acephalous - Blog by a English graduate student at UC-Irvine. Usually interesting and often funny.
Afe Blog - Ramblings from a kooky Aussie. Aren't all Aussies kooky?
Ahistoricality - A left-wing blog, always with interesting links to lots of other places.
Aiee! Run From Kelvin's Brainsplurge! - Kelvin talks (mostly) about comic books.
The Amazing Adventures and Untold Stories of Astrid - Astrid's blog is just a crapload of fun. She always refers to herself in the third person, and her adventures are goofy and glorious. - Andrew Dabb is the writer of the comic book Atomika. You're all buying that, right? You should be.
Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish - Sullivan is a gay Catholic conservative, which makes his blog interesting. Some of you may have seen him on The Colbert Report a few weeks ago. Other conservatives hate him because a) he's gay; and b) he doesn't necessarily like Bush (who, let's face it, isn't conservative). Conservatives can say they don't mind gay people, but the vitriol they dump on Sullivan is amazing. I don't always agree with him, but he's not crazy like Ace of Spades is.
Andy Diggle - Diggle is a comic book writer. A pretty good one, too, although I don't love him as much as a lot of people do.
Andy Martello's Tales From Andy Land! - An always fun blog. Every Tuesday we get the Top Ten list, and the rest of the week is humorous too. Andy can be a bit crude, so be warned!
Anonymous Lawyer - It may be all made up, but it's interesting reading about the strange things that go on in a law office.
Blogenspiel - a blog by, as she calls herself, Another Damned Medievalist. Stuff about medieval history and the fine folk who teach it.
The Anti-Corporate Patriot - With a name like that, you know it's a left-leaning blog. Very fascinating scientific stuff.
AP's Blog - Allison posts a lot of pictures on her blog, including ones of random people about whom commenters can make up biographies!
Baldilocks - a black female conservative, so another interesting read. I don't agree with her very often at all, but she's still interesting.
Balloon Juice - John Cole is the kind of conservative I like. He doesn't toe the party line, he has reasonable opinions, I agree with him occasionally, and when I don't, I don't feel like he's crazy. Can't we all get along?
The BEAST Blog - Left-wing news from Buffalo.
The Beat - Heidi McDonald gives us all the comics news you can handle!
Beaucoup Kevin - Kevin gives us a lot of insight into comic books, and he's often angry. So much the better!
Bitter Cinema - Lots of stuff about movies, both old and new.
Blargh Blog - A rarely updated left-wing blog, but when he does post, it's usually interesting.
Blog for Arizona - Good liberal news from my state.
A Blog Found on a Garbage Heap - Another infrequently updated blog, this one about comic books. Another one that's usually worth the wait.
Blog from Bolivia - Politics from South America!
The Blog of Doom - Dr. Doom's blog. One of the few by comic book characters I visit.
Blog THIS, Pal! - Gordon is another frequent visitor here, and his blog is always chock full of good stuff. Occasional comics ramblings, good choices for music, the random link dump - all the stuff that blogs are good for!
Bloggity-Blog-Blog-Blog - Laura is an Aquaman fanatic, so if you're into him, check her out. She also finds a lot of good links and posts very often, so she's fun to check out frequently.
Bloggy Blog Blog Blog - the blogger's "name" is Pedestrian Rage, and he's at his best when he's angry.
Brian Hogg - Lots of interesting thoughts about a variety of topics. He also posts infrequently.
The Bricktosser - Another fun comic book blog.
Brill Building - Ian is a very good commentator on what's going on in comics. Fascinating stuff, if you're into them (and really, you should be).
The Brown Wedge - Fun pop culture rants.
Cakes and Money 2.0 - He's back. David last posted in May, but here he is again.
Capitol Hill Blue Rant - Very angry liberal blogger. Verging on crazy. He's what conservatives point to when they want to say liberals are nuts.
Carolyn Castiglia - Undiscovered Superstar - She's a comic and a mother, and she's pretty funny.
Catallarchy - Nice, solid libertarian blog. Some things I agree with, some I don't.
Catholics for Rick Santorum - Rarely updated, but I like checking it out to see how crazy Santorum is these days.
Center of Gravitas - The GayProf talks politics, superheroes, and other gay stuff.
The Cerebral Outpost - Various thoughts about life and such.
Chipped Ham Productions - Evan talks comic books and what he likes.
Chocolate Makes it Better - A blog by an Aussie dad. I'm always interested in reading blogs by fathers of young kids. I wonder why ...
Chris Allen Online - Chris is a comics "insider," so he often has interesting stuff ... when he updates.
LeftyBrown's Corner - Chris used to post a lot, and he has a lot of interesting stuff about comics and popular culture, plus the occasional political rant. He's been sick recently, but it looks like he's back. Good to see you, Chris!
Chris's Invincible Super-Blog - "Your Daily Shot of Face-Rocking Awesomeness." If you read comics, you need to read this blog. It's hilarious. I have linked to it many times, so you might as well just add it to your favorites and check it out daily.
The Chronicles of Rhodester - Interesting blog by a guy in the entertainment industry.
Church of Klugman - All Hail Quincy!
Clandestine Critic - Popular culture musings from David Norman, who used to come by here. Come back, David!
Clew's Blues - A nice personal blog.
CLEWS The Historic True Crime Blog - I don't check this too often, but it's a fascinating read when I do.
Clublife - A bouncer at a New York city nightclub shares his rantings about the customers. He has a book deal, too. I hate bloggers who get book deals.
Collected Editions - comic reviews from a guy who "waits for the trade" - you have to be a comic geek to know what that means.
The Columnist Manifesto - "Oscar Madison" rants about life. He's pretty funny.
The Comic Asylum - James Meeley's comic book blog. He often has interesting thoughts about the pamphlets we all love.
Comic Book Commentary - Guy LeCharles Gonzalez's blog. He's sort of my boss, so I should say nice things about him, but that's not why I like his blog. He knows a lot about what's going on in the comic book world, so that's why. And you never know when Larry Young will stop by and they'll have a verbal sparring!
Comic Book Wife - Kirk Jarvinen's wife's blog. She hasn't updated since the first of the year, though.
The Comic Queen - There should be more women blogging about comics. This is one such site.
R!OT Comics + Culture - Jason's blog about his relatively new comic book store. I visited the store in October when I was in Pennsylvania, and I wish him luck. This is an interesting blog because it's a chronicle of running a business in a rather moribund industry.
The Comic Treadmill - Another comic book blog. Currently in the midst of a very in-depth history of Aquaman. What is it about that guy?
Comics Ate My Brain - Tom Bondurant's comic book blog, with many, many reviews.
The Comics Curmudgeon - Very funny blog. Josh reads the comics section of the newspaper and tells you what he thinks. He's very good at pointing out the stupidity in the comics.
Comics Fairplay - Heidi Meeley's blog. She's the wife of James Meeley (see above) and another good example of women blogging about comics.
Comics Waiting Room - Marc Mason's comic book blog. More reviews of stuff you may not have seen.
Comics Worth Reading - Johanna's blog. She mainly does manga, which I've never been into, so I don't read this as much as I used to, when she was angrier. Still, another female perspective on comics is nice.
Confessions of a Community College Dean - Just what it says it is. Very interesting take on the politics of community colleges.
Cosmic Variance - Science blog with a whiff of left-wing politics. Mainly by taking Bush to task for dismissing science for his standard excuse of "God did it."
The Cranky Professor - More good stuff from the world of academia, plus other rantings.
Crash Landing - A group blog with lots of differing opinions and interesting insights.
Criminalenglish - A blogger from Bangalore discusses pop culture stuff.
Crisis/Boring Change - Chris Tamarri blogs about comics and music with great attention to detail.
Crocodile Caucus - Lyle writes about a ton o' stuff, including his love of cooking.
Cyphering - Uniongrrl is angry about a lot of things, and she doesn't hold back her contempt!
Dadcentric - Another father blog, this one a group effort.
Dance of the Puppets - Marionette loves Wonder Woman, but she also has much to say about other female superheroes, too.
Dancing the Polka with Miss El Cajon - Chris Cope's blog is chock full of links that take you many wondrous places on the web. Plus, he has good names for bands.
Dark, But Shining - A blog about all things horror - movies, television, books, comics - you name it!
Dave Barry's Blog - Dave links like mad to all the craziness in the world!
Dave Ex Machina - Fun, interesting blog by Dave Lartigue. He digs Lego.
Dave's Long Box - Dave's blog is a must-read for anyone who likes comics, and he occasionally writes about other stuff as well (this week it was movies). His keen wit leads to the evisceration of all the crap in comic books throughout the ages, and we reap the benefits!
DC Conspiracy - A group of comics creators in the Washington, DC area talk about, well, creating comics.
Democracy Arsenal - A group blog about various political stories. A bit left-leaning, but not obnoxiously so.
Democratic Peace - A dense blog about America and its role in the world.
Diary of a Network Geek - Occasionally too geeky even for me, but generally interesting.
Did we do anything important today? - Adjunct Kait's blog for when she's not at Oxford (see below).
Dilbert.Blog - Scott Adams' blog. Not as funny as you might think. Still a good read, just not as funny as you might think.
The Disgruntled Chemist - Another scientist who is mad at Bush. I like his blog a lot - he always has something thoughtful (even when he's disgruntled, which is often).
Doesn't Have to be Relevant - Joshua Hale Fialkov's blog. Who? He's a comic book writer. He writes Elk's Run, a very good comic that no one is buying.
Donklephant - A group blog that strides the center of the political spectrum (hence the name). Lots of good stuff here that makes you think.
Double Articulation - Jim Roeg is perhaps the most erudite writer on comics I've ever seen. Fascinating stuff, when he actually posts, which isn't often. But when he does, look out! - it may take you a while to read.
Dreaded Purple Master - I found this recently, and it was not updated very often, so I can't really tell you what it's about. Looks neat, though.
Drink at Work - Tough to describe, but very funny. Just trust me.
Echidne of the Snakes - Left-wing feminist blog. Naturally, in today's political climate, she's often angry.
Eddie-torial Comments - Random ramblings about Eddie's life. He also needs to post more often.
Education Wonks - Where you can get all your educational news needs. A little but on the conservative side, but this is still a good place to find out why educational policy in the U.S. is insane.
Factum - Face the Fact - Goofy pictures from around the world!
Fall of the State - Caliban is a good anarchist with always something interesting to say.
Filing Cabinet of the Damned - Harvey has gotten much better at blogging. He doesn't post that often, but his thoughts on comics are always worth a read.
Fire Joe Morgan - A very good sports blog that aims to debunk "experts" talking out of their asses.
Firedoglake - Angry (and very well-researched) left-wing blog. It wears me out just reading it.
Focus Wizard - Random ramblings by the Mullers.
Focused Totality - Mark Fossen is another one of these guys with a great deal of keen insight into comics.
Foma - Wacky pop culture blog.
The Fortress of Soliloquy - Tom Foss insulted me recently on my comic book blog, but that's okay - he still writes a good blog.
Four Color Media Monitor - I like Avi because he's a conservative who reads comics, and therefore views them through that lens. It's a different perspective.
Freakonomics Blog - I liked the book, and the blog is pretty good, too.
Fred Sez - Fred Hembeck, longtime comic book insider, always has a lot of good stuff about the industry and his life, which is more interesting than mine.
Frothing at the Mouth - Greg Morrow is a bit too geeky for me sometimes, but usually he has good things to say.
Ganesh and Gandhi - I miss Nick. He hasn't updated since September.
The Giant Fighting Robot Report - More fun comic book thoughts and other nerdy things.
Give Bob a Dollar - I keep meaning to give Bob a dollar. Sheer genius.
Go Fug Yourself - When celebrities dress poorly, these ladies will be there to show the world.
Goin' Ape - Fun group blog about the wackiness of the world.
The Great Curve - Group comics blog that brings a lot of good stuff to the table.
Gutterninja - Another comics blog with some interesting stuff about, well, comics.
The Hanging Stranger - Former Intern Andy is very funny. No matter what he blogs about.
Heretical Ideas - A good, solid left-wing blog with links to some truly bizarre news stories.
HCaldwell On ... - Many interesting thoughts float around HCaldwell's head.
Hello, My Name is Juri and I'm Addicted to TV - Juri is a young mother with lots of fun stuff in her head.
Highway 62 - Another comics creator talks about his work and other comics-related stuff.
Homo Sum - Chris McLaren writes about many things - including good alcohol.
House of the Ded - Logan rambles about pop culture and his love of the Falcons. We must pity him.
Howard Dean Hates Cats - Jim Voight looks at the insanity of the political landscape.
Howling Curmudgeons - Another group comic book blog. Always worth a look.
The how-not-to guide to parenting and marriage - Jon's very funny blog about, well, how not to parent and husband.
The Huffington Post - Crazy left-wingers band together!
The Hulk's Diary that is on the Internet - Ah, that Hulk. Always something on his mind.
The Hurting - Tim O'Neil also has many nice thoughts about comics. And he's funnier than I think he thinks he is (if that makes sense).
I Ain't God ... Yet - One of the few bloggers I know in "real" life. He's not this angry when you talk to him. Or maybe he is and I just never noticed. A fine crazy liberal!
I Am A Teacher - Teaching news from the Great Northwest by Laura's (see above) husband.
I am NOT the Beastmaster - Marc Singer's thoughtful comic book blog.
I do all my own stunts - The Stuntmother talks about the perils of raising children! I know it all too well.
I Want to Dance With Shah Rukh Khan - Ashley also comes by here occasionally. I like her blog, even though I don't know who Shah Rukh Khan is. I'm sure she's explained before. Maybe it's time for an update!
If Destroyed, Still True - Paul doesn't update that often, but his strange obsession with professional wrestling is worth the read.
In One Ear ... - Thom Wade discusses popular culture and why Christians don't have to like Bush if they don't want to.
Internet Lovers - Lisa sent me a postcard from Wellington a while back, and it's fun to check in and see how her life is going. Recently her beau from Canada visited, and the blog got a bit steamy.
Jackie's Life - Just what it says - random ramblings about Jackie.
Jason Berek-Lewis - Another comic book creator, this one from Australia.
Jason Rodriguez - The Moose in the Closet - Another comics guy. Jason is an editor, among other things, and a pretty prolific writer. He's backing off on the blog for a while, but he's been pumping out huge amounts of content for a year, so he deserves a break.
Jazz ... In Strange Places - Single girl in New York. Hilarity and mayhem ensue.
Jesus Was Not a Republican - Erinberry is a good left-wing Christian who is also going through some personal torment. Read all about it!
Jog - The Blog - Job has way too much time on his hands to write about comics, but it's all very interesting.
The Johnny Bacardi Show - Another fine comic book blog. Mr. Bacardi knows his stuff, and he picks football games better than I do, too.
Johnny Triangles - Another conservative comic book fan, so it's a nice perspective. T. actually makes very good comments over at my comic book blog, and I wish he posted more often.
Jumbotron 6000 - More comics and pop culture musings.
Just Me Jon's (see above) blog that doesn't involve how not to parent and husband.
Kait at Catz - The blog that Kait (see above) keeps up when she is at Oxford.
Ken Lowery Presents: Ringwood - Ken is an angry comic book reader. That means entertainment for us!
Knotty Yarn - Danielle is awesome. Her book rocks, her blog rocks. If I met her she'd probably kick my ass because I'm such a wussy white boy, but her blog still rocks.
Kung Fu Monkey - John Rogers is a writer for television and movies. Therefore, he has many entertaining tales about such things.
Lady, That's My Skull - Sleestak makes many witty comments about comics and comic characters. A fun blog.
Lance Mannion - A fine left-wing blog with very long posts. Very long.
Languagehat - A fine blog about language and words and such.
Latigo Flint, Quickest Quickdraw in the World - If you aren't reading Latigo Flint, you have a sad, gaping hole in your world.
The Liberal Conviction - A liberal blog by an eleventh-grader. And he's smarter than I am.
Life as I don't know it - More celebrity insanity.
Life is a PB Sandwich - The life of PBS. Do you dare?
Life to Date - Just what it says.
The Life of a Wife and Teacher - Kelly Brown, Chris Brown's (see above) wife, talks about her class and her life and her medical problems.
Listen To Us, We're Right - Comic book fans who, well, think they're right about everything.
Lost Here and Beyond - Walker's blog. He's the Canadian boyfriend of Lisa (see above).
The Low Road - A comic book blog with some very good stuff.
Mah Two Cents - Another fun popular culture blog.
Majikthise - More fun liberal politics.
Malls of America - Pictures of malls from the 1960s and 1970s.
Matter-Eater Blog - More fun comic book musings!
Matthew's Foray into Blogging - Matthew claimed that he didn't watch the Super Bowl ... but I think he's just saying that so the women will like him.
Mercury Studio - A comic blog by members of a Portland studio - some good creators.
MercuryX23's Fantabulous Blog - He hasn't posted in a long time, which is a shame. Kind of fun.
Metrokitty - More comic book goodness.
Mildly Melancholy - Jules the Crazy talks about teaching darling little children.
milescoverdale's journal - Dave Fiore's (see below) Live Journal.
Ministry of Information - Nice blog from England.
Mister Snitch! - Newark blogger with whom I disagree politically, but he posts a lot with interesting links.
The Moderate Liberal - I like his tag line: "Of course I'm liberal, I believe in liberty." Guess what side politically this blog is on?
Monitor Duty - More fun geek culture.
Motime Like the Present - Dave Fiore's (see above) blog. Dave is a very fascinating guy, with a lot to say about comic books, and I wish he posted more often.
Mr. Nice Guy - A very funny blog about a father and his family.
Ms. Frizzle - A blog by a science teacher in the Bronx. Pretty interesting.
Near Mint Heroes - Shane Bailey blogs about comics and anything else that comes into his head.
A New York Escort's Confessions - Be careful - it's exactly what it says it is.
Nobody Laughs at Mister Fish - The Disintegrating Clone has some wryly funny stuff to say about comics and other stuff.
Oh Dog! You Sleuth! - A very fine photo blog.
On Location with Rick Lee - Another fine photo blog.
Ones and Zeroes - A infrequently updated blog about various random stuff.
Orcinus - Another fine liberal blog.
Our Life Journey - Renee blogs about her kids and her life.
The Outbreak - A very rarely updated blog, but some interesting stuff when it shows up.
Overcompensating - Jeffrey Rowland's life in comic strip form. Very funny.
Overheard in New York - So funny it's almost criminal.
The Peanut Queen's Lair - Stacy the Peanut Queen reveals all!
Peiratikos - Rose and Steven do not update as often as they should, because they always have fascinating insight into comics and other literature.
The Penitent Thief - Another left-leaning Christian. Rarely updated, but kind of cool. - Peter David, comic book writer extraordinaire, writes about his comics and various other stuff with aplomb.
Phantom Scribbler - Housewife of the Universe! Thoughts from the parental front lines.
Pharyngula - Lots of very good, very long posts about science and politics - mostly debunking intelligent design, but other stuff as well.
Pilgrim/Heretic - A nice history and teaching blog.
Polite Dissent - Scott gives us comic books with a medical twist, which is kind of neat.
POPP'D - Comic book talk from Marc-Oliver Frisch.
Postmodernbarney - Dorian offers an interesting gay perspective on comic books.
PostSecret - I've mentioned this before, but it's worth mentioning again. People send in postcards with secrets written on them. Then they're posted. Some are extremely creepy.
Precocious Curmudgeon - David Welsh talks about his love for manga. Among other things.
Prep Time Posse - Group comics blog with rather interesting stuff.
Pretty, Fizzy Paradise - Another nice female comic book blog.
Progressive Ruin - Mike Sterling works in a comic book store, and therefore has a great deal of arcane knowledge, which he's more than happy to share.
Psychbloke - Occasional comics blog, and lots of weird pictures.
The Purple Pinup Guru Platform - This is weird blog. It's mostly liberal politics, but occasionally there's some cheesecake. The posts are very long and well-researched, though - even the cheesecake ones!
Ramblin' With Roger - Roger comes by here a lot, so I'll say hello. He has a nice blog, too - lots of local politics, and good stuff on race in America (he's one of those black people, you know).
The Ramblings of a Generalist - Exactly what it says it is.
Ranting Derelict - A New York college student gets angry often, and that means good stuff for the readers.
red hot mamma - A Houston woman also gets angry often, usually at our president.
Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean - Just what it says it is.
Republic of Replicants - More groovy pop culture rambling!
Respectful Insolence - More left-wing politics, with lots of science thrown in.
Return to Comics - an interesting comic book blog from a guy who recently, well, returned to them.
Rick Gebhardt - One man's ramblings about pop culture.
Road to Surfdom - A liberal blogger ranting about Australian and American politics.
Roxy's World - Another blogger I know in the real world. She's funnier and smarter than I am, but I have one advantage - I post more often than she does!
The Rude Pundit - Another good liberal blogger who is very funny and horribly crude. That just makes him funnier.
San Nakji's World - Lots of cool pictures here, plus the always dry wit of Mr. San Nakji.
The Sapient Sutler - Chance's interesting blog about his far-too-exciting personal life.
Sarcasmo's Corner - Fun blog by a Philly girl with lots of strange things on her mind.
Sarcastic Sex Toy Blog - This is a strange blog - reviews of actual sex toys done with plenty of sarcasm! Very funny, and even funnier when you realize these products actually exist.
Scene from my life - Every week a different person posts pictures from their locale. It's pretty fascinating.
Science and Politics - What do you think? Because he likes science, he must be one o' them damned liberals.
Scott Saavedra's Comic Book Heaven - Another fun comic book blog.
Scotty DOES Know - A nice sarcastic blog. And his title comes from EuroTrip, so that can't be bad.
Sean Maher's Quality Control - More comic book goodness!
Seduction of the Indifferent - And yet more comic book goodness!
See You At the Yard, Meat - More fun celebrity wackiness.
"Seven Hells!" - If you know anything about Thanagarian vernacular, you know this is more comic book goodness!
Shakespeare's Sister - Articulate, ranting, feminist liberal. Quality stuff!
Shallow Center - A blog mostly about the Philadelphia Phillies. You may not be in the target audience.
The Silent Accomplice - Interesting comic book thoughts from a gay Christian.
Skippy the Bush Kangaroo - Jon Stewart's favorite blog.
Slackers with Advanced Degrees - Thomas's latest blog, after he moved to Seattle. Still funny, but now with more caffeine!
Slactivist - More liberal blogging. Can't they all just leave poor President Bush alone?
The Sneeze - Wacky pop culture stuff.
The Sock Drawer - Woody's blog. Lots of good stuff, plus he has a quote contest every day! Win and you get ... well, nothing, but the accolades of other bloggers! (And not even that, really.)
Something Old, Nothing New - Interesting blog about old things in pop culture.
Spatula Forum - Nik is moving from Oregon to New Zealand. I moved from Oregon to Arizona. He's smarter than I am.
Spindrift - Interesting blog about, of all things, sailing.
Spinning Clio - A conservative historian's blog. If that's your sort of thing.
Strike the Root Blog - More angry liberals doing their thing.
Stumptown Confidential - The history of Portland in photographs. Very neat.
Styrofoamkitty - Fun miscellaneous stuff.
Subdivided We Stand - Where he reads Leviticus so you don't have to!
Subjective Correlative - Very infrequently updated teacher's blog.
Superblog!! - "A Daily Journal for Stupid You." What more is there to say?
Supernaturally - A comic book blog with a decidedly horror spin to it.
Suspension of Disbelief - When lawyers read comic books, you know there's going to be so nit-picking. Find it all here!
Swing and a Miss - Lots of stuff about the Phillies, too, but also sports in general.
Tales to Mildly Astonish - Another fine comic book blog.
Talking to the Walls - Possibly abandoned blog by a one-time visitor here, with lots of neat thoughts. She should update more!
Tart Juice - More angry feminist liberal rantings. Damn them!
Teen Angst Central - Angst from teens. Like they have anything to worry about!
Thoughts and reflections - Interesting liberal blog by a fine, upstanding Englishman.
Through the Looking Glass - Chronicling the absurdities of politics for your amusement!
Superfrankenstein - Tom Peyer's ridiculously funny blog.
Tom the Dog's You Know What I Like? - I'd like to meet Mr. The Dog - he and I share a lot of same tastes. I may not be quite as obsessed with Markie Post as he is, though ... And the fact that his blog is still one of the top search hits for "Misty May's ass" makes me laugh.
Toner Mishap - Nice group blog about many different topics.
Toxic Conjecture - Comic book artist Jacen Burrows' blog.
Trash Heap - Mostly comic books, but usually interesting.
Trusty Plinko Stick - Again, mostly comic books, but also fun pop culture stuff.
Trusty Sidekicks - With a name like that, it has to be about comics!
Twistblog - Random pop culture stuff.
Unqualified Offerings - Jim Henley's slightly twisted political blog.
Upon Further Review - Another fun left-wing blog.
Various and Sundry - Lots of pop culture, including plenty o' links, pretty much daily.
Venezuela News and Views - Keep an eye on that rascal Hugo Chavez!
View from the Cheap Seats - I love blogs that embrace their geekiness.
Waiter Rant - The waiter shares restaurant horror stories.
Weird Scenes Inside the Gold Mind - Comic book guru Mike Gold's blog.
Welcome to AiT/Planet Lar - Larry Young used to update this, but now he has a buddy do it. It's basically where people are talking about his comics on the web.
Welcome to Blog. - Strange stuff about Portland. Can you tell I miss it?
Welcome to the Sideshow - Interesting left-wing blog with hundreds of links to various news stories. Tough to keep up.
What Would Tyler Durden Do? - Chronicling the insanity of celebrities so you don't have to!
Word on the Street - More comic books - including the 312 days of comics!
Written World - Ragnell's comic book blog. Very interesting stuff from a female perspective.
X-Ray Spex - Comic book writer Will Pfeifer's blog.
Ye Olde Comick Booke Blogge - In case you didn't have enough of them to read.
YesButNoButYes - Celebrating the raunchiness in our culture!
Yet Another Comics Blog - Just what it says. And Sundays are Monkey Cover Days!
Your Mom's Basement - Blogging from the location of most of us.
Zemblan Grammar - Difficult to describe. Lots of weird stuff.
Zeta Beam - Again, if you know anything about Rann, you know this is about comics.
Zilla and the Comics Junkies - Another recent returnee to the world of comics shares his thoughts.
Zombie Eat Brains - Zombie Tom's blog. Funnier than you might think!

Well, that's pretty much all the blogs I have saved in my "Favorites" file. I have some that are abandoned, and some that I think are abandoned, and some, as I've mentioned above, that haven't been updated in a while. I add new ones all the time. If you know any, let me know. Why not?

I don't know when the links are coming back. I doubt if I'm going to have too much time to do them, because they take a long time. I'm going to try this week to do some surfing, because I do enjoy it, but we'll see. I'm sorry my kids and wife are more important than the Internet! I know, where are my values????


Blogger Gordon D said...

First, thanks for the referral - I try to read your blog as often as I can (or, "when I have way too much free time"), and I really dig it.

Also, why not try using Bloglines as a blog organizer? (No, I don't get paid to promote it - honest). I think you can even use it to generate a blogroll - just enter all your sites, snip some code, put it in your blog, and done!

(Plus, it'll give you more time for the wife and kids).

12/2/06 4:19 PM  
Blogger Roger Owen Green said...

"he's one of those black people, you know" - I did not KNOW that. Thanks for sharing.

Don't know why, but I laughed when i read that.

12/2/06 6:01 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

As Homer S. would say, "It's funny 'cause it's true." I'm just doing my part for racial harmony in America!

12/2/06 7:40 PM  
Blogger Tom Foss said...

I just spent the last few minutes frantically looking for where I insulted you, finally coming across the All-Star Superman post.

I apologize for that; I came across as way too snarky there, and I really didn't mean any insult.

Thanks for the link; it's always awesome to see bloggers I love reading expressing an interest in my stuff.

Way to make me feel all ashamed and sheepish-like, Mr. Burgas. Sorry :).

12/2/06 10:10 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

Tom - apology accepted, even though I didn't really care all that much. I know comments can come across sometimes as a lot meaner than the intent, and I knew what you were trying to say anyway, so that's how I took it. I don't have a problem with disagreement - I'm quite easygoing. Good to hear from you.

13/2/06 10:39 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

Thanks for the shoutout!

I too know the struggles betwixt blogs and family...yeah, family wins it by a landslide. :-)

Keep up the great work!

13/2/06 11:13 AM  
Blogger Guy LeCharles Gonzalez said...

Thanks for the shoutout. As for being your boss, does that mean I get to move Moon Knight up the list for Comics You Should Own? ;-)

PS: No more sparring with he-who-shall-remain-unnamed for me. That last go-round tipped the scales, especially the backchannel emails, and I decided to cut the cord. Trying to limit the negativity I add to the blogiverse, you know?

13/2/06 11:21 AM  
Blogger Ahistoricality said...

I'm honored to be in such interesting company. It's gonna take me a week to work through your list, because there's a couple of blogs I don't read there with really intriguing descriptions. For a guy with no time to blog, that was a lot of work: thanks!

13/2/06 12:55 PM  
Blogger Nik said...

I am indeed smarter than you, although it's a shame it took you so long to figure that out.

And yeah, you need a links sidebar! That's it, I'm taking you off! OFF!!

13/2/06 1:48 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

Sorry, Guy - if we don't have alphabetical order, then we have CHAOS! And nobody wants that.

I wanted to do a little bit more description, Ahistoricality, but you're right - this took a while, so I kept that part to a minimum. I'm always happy to contribute to more slacking, so you're welcome!

13/2/06 3:11 PM  
Blogger James Meeley said...


Thanks from both myself and my wife on the linkage. It's much appreciated.

I have to admit I don't read your place as regularly as i probably should. So many blogs, so little time, you know.

Still, I'll have to try to work out a way to make more time to do so. Guess I'll have to get to work on that "time machine" of mine again. ;)

13/2/06 3:48 PM  
Blogger yellojkt said...

"Wacky pop culture blog."
I like it. And I've always thought my blog was too random to characterize. That is a lot of links though. No way I check them all out and still hold a job.

13/2/06 3:54 PM  
Blogger mr. nice guy said...

thanks for the shoutout. i like your moves too, chico. group hug!

14/2/06 6:49 AM  
Blogger Astrid said...

WOW! Never have I seen so many Blogs all together. I am glad to be part of all this coziness out here! Yes, do throw another log on the fire. The party is just getting started!

19/2/06 1:14 AM  
Blogger T. said...

Good blog, dude. Never knew about this one.

Also, I started updating mine again.


26/2/06 11:01 PM  
Blogger -J said...

Wow. That's one hell of a collection. Thanks for the link.

20/6/06 1:50 PM  

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