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I MUST stop screwin' with my template

I got rid of the option to expand longer posts until I can figure out how to get rid of the option at the bottom of posts that don't need to be opened. If anyone knows how to do that, let me know. Anyway, the "Blogger" bar at the top of the blog, which somehow got scrunched up into a smaller box and annoyed me, is now in the middle of my post telling Kanye West to shut up (where Roger left an interesting comment about Mr. West's race, so go read it. What happens when that post goes off the main page? Blogger is weird. I have to learn more about web design and get my own damned site.


Blogger Chance said...

That's really weird. Nice post about Kayne West, though. What a moron.

15/2/06 4:34 PM  
Blogger Disintegrating Clone said...

Blogger uses a mixture of html, cascading style sheet code and bits of its own language to generate webpages. Without having access to your template, I can't work out exactly what's wrong, but I think you've probably inadvertantly done is either mis-edit the style-sheet code or stick a blogger command in your post section.

Anyway, blogger is putting its standard header in the middle of your posts: your html has two nested body tags, which is definitely dodgy.

The general procedure here is to isolate the errant code by commenting out bits of your template, republishing and looking for an improvement. Once Kayne is restored to normal, look at the section of code and see if you can see anything wrong.

If it's in the style sheet section (the section that starts with a style tag), use /* and */ to comment out different sections. Below this, use the html <!-- and --> to do the same.

Take care to comment out rather deleting parts of your template, otherwise you could just make things worse. And always take a copy of your template before you start editing it, as this means you can always default back to the old one if you mess things up.

You can now slap me for sounding like a techie.

17/2/06 3:31 AM  

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