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A ditch carved by God 3000 years ago is the site of today's Picture Day!

So we drove from southern Utah to the Grand Canyon, which is obviously the remnant of a crazed kung fu chop! by God 3000 years ago when he was fighting, I don't know, Darkseid or someone. I think that's in Leviticus somewhere, so it must be true!

We were at the Canyon for a few days, and took a LOT of pictures. These are the highlights. It's a cool place. Have fun!

Yes, it's the canyon. Not much to say. It's big. And deep. And wide.
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In the morning when we woke up, the canyon was covered in fog. It gradually cleared, but for a long time we couldn't see anything. I did, however,get a cool shot of the fog snaking its way through the canyon. Then the sun came out and all was well.
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These are the swanky hotels right on the edge, or, as we called them, "places my mother would stay." We stayed in a campground not too far away. Now that's living in style!
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Here's another coolio shot of the canyon. It's difficult to convey through pictures (even professional ones, and I am far from a pro) how awesomely awesome the canyon is. But I'm trying!
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It's also difficult to convey how deep it is. It's deep.
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Ho-hum. It's all very grand.
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I call this the Boba Fett rock. For, I hope, obvious reasons.
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We hiked down into the canyon for a bit (hardly at all in the grand scheme of things, but it took us a while) and then hiked back out. I told Krys to stand against the rock while I took her picture. Look how wee she is!
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So that's the Grand Canyon. Very cool place. It's an obvious tourist trap, but it's totally worth it. Interestingly, we've lived in Arizona for over 4 years and haven't been back. It's kind of a rough trip, especially with two small children. We would love to ride mules down to the river and stay overnight, but it's a crapload of money (my parents, of course, have done it) and we don't know when we would find the time. At least we've seen it. It's highly recommended. God would want you to see his handiwork!

Despite the objections of some people, everyone should really join in my CD exchange. You know you want to! Gary said we can just pull music off the Internet, and he's right, but when someone makes a mix, you get to see what kind of weird things are going on in their heads as well. That's why it's cool. Just a thought.

Next week: Sedona and its environs!


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The CD exchange is how I know weird Burgas REALLY is, folks! Get into the mind of a madman!

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