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19 February 1945

U.S. Marines land at Iwo Jima.

This is famous, of course, for the staged propaganda picture of the Marines raising the flag at the top of Mt. Suribachi, but it was also a ridiculously important piece of tiny real estate - the island five miles end to end and is three miles wide - to both the Japanese and the Americans, who wanted it as a base for B-29 bombers to launch their air offensive against Japan. The famous photo was taken only four days in, but the island wasn't secured until 26 March. 6,000 American soldiers died among the 26,000 casualties, and less than 1,000 Japanese remained alive to be taken prisoners. Some newspapers back home actually questioned the toll (papers wouldn't do that today, would they?). Iwo Jima, however, became a crucial part of the bombing of Japan that helped end the war.

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