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Yellowstone Park is Ground Zero for this week's Picture Day!

By the way, it's Elvis's birthday today, and it's also my sister's. E-mail her and say Happy Birthday!

Last week I showed pictures of the Grand Tetons, and you people were unimpressed. What am I to do with you? So this week I will show you pictures of Yellowstone, where we stayed for a few days and took many photos. We'll be back in Yellowstone next week, and possibly the week after that. It's a big freakin' place.

I have mentioned before that we like waterfalls. So here's Krys in front of a waterfall ...
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... and me, near a waterfall:
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Yellowstone, perhaps surprisingly, is a mighty sulfurous place. Check it out:
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Sulfur, in case you don't know, stinks. Man, this section of our journey was stinky!

There were many bison wandering around. We took photos. Anyone who has ever been to Yellowstone knows that they give out flyers warning you about the bison. They can run 30 mph and aren't very nice. We still have our flyer, and if it weren't buried in the garage somewhere I would post it because it's funny - it shows a buffalo lifting a man with a camera off his feet with its head. That's enough to scare anyone! They're awfully cute, though:
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Lots more from Wyoming next week! Enjoy the pictures!


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