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Stealing can be fun ...

... When, of course, you steal an idea from someone else's blog! And that is what I plan to do today.

First, I have not been neglecting you, good readers. My Internet has been neglecting me - somewhere out in the ether Qwest had a problem with their connections, and I was unable to access cyberspace. You can imagine my consternation! My children couldn't figure out who this strange man that paid attention to them instead of the computer was. My wife was mystified because I spoke to her when she came home from work (okay, so it was usually to tell her to be quiet because the Penn State game was on). It was quite a change, I can tell you. Now, however, all has been restored in the world, and this afternoon I can return to being that grumpy, ignorant troglodyte my kids know and love. Won't they be surprised when they wake up and find that Daddy's back!

So today's date in history will be back in earnest tomorrow. Today is Jacob Grimm's birthday (1765), if you need a fix.

Moving on, last week I was reading Dancing the Polka With Miss El Cajon, the weirdly funny and excellent blog by Mr. Chris Cope, and I came across this post, in which he lists random blog sentences from each month of the last year. I thought it was very neat, so I'm stealing it. Unlike him, I'll be nice and link to the post from which I took the sentence. Let's begin:

January: Sometimes I'm totally on board with conservative Christians about how our country is sinking in a moral cesspool.

February: Blackbeard the pirate had a falling-out with his brother, Bluebeard, because Bluebeard is of the opinion that Anson Williams (yes, Potsie) is really under-appreciated as an actor.

March: Sweet Fancy Moses, they were quite possibly the best ribs I've ever had.

April: I guess a conservative is someone who thinks executing retarded teenagers is a great idea.

May: I have also known teachers who have actively hated the students, and I often wondered what they were doing in the field.

June: That would have been a cool ending: Deborah goes psycho and takes out the whole dysfunctional family and flees to Bolivia with the kids.

July: Yes, some of the songs could be prescribed as a cure for insomnia.

August: It's also the movie in which Jennifer Connelly gets naked, if you're interested.

September: Won't we all be happier when these people are shut away from society?

October: Admiral Nelson and the Trafalgars topped the charts with their groovy single, "I'll Never Surrender (Especially Not To Spaniards)," I won the International Nose-Picking Title, Youth Division (for best form), and I spotted my first brassiere.

November: Thanks to him, I know that T breaks ill in extra large portions!

December: This game should have been televised in black-and-white, because I think it was played in 1940.

More meaty content later!


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