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Majestic mountains dominate Picture Day!

I took a week off from posting photographs, because of Christmas and all, but now I'm back, and we're moving on deeper into the West! Two weeks ago, you'll recall, we trekked westward across Wyoming. You know what that means: Yellowstone! Actually, we stayed at Yellowstone but first took a detour south into Grand Teton National Park. Yellowstone is very nice, but nothing takes your breath away quite like the Grand Tetons. They're spectacular, not unlike Teri Hatcher's real breasts. Admittedly, the park isn't all that big and there is a lot more to do in Yellowstone, but for sheer grandeur, you can't beat the Tetons. I'm just going to post the pictures and stay out of the way.

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This is the Snake River valley. The river runs along the feet of the mountains.
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This is really the iconic view of the Tetons. We were quite happy it was such a nice day, as some of the days in Yellowstone were not.

I highly recommend seeing the Tetons if you can. They give you a very nice sense of perspective. Next week, we'll be in Yellowstone, checking out bison and geysers and waterfalls and such!


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