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Krys's strange pathology

Krys very often leaves the closet door in our bedroom open. Whenever I mention it, she says she "forgot." I have a different theory:

I believe my wife thinks that if she leaves the closet door open, then the monsters won't be able to get into the closet. Kind of like an airlock - one door has to be closed for the other to open. What do you think? Does my theory hold water?


Blogger Roger Owen Green said...

I leave the closet door open so that I don't have to close then open it again. Conservation of energy. My wife, BTW, does not buy this.

24/1/06 4:02 AM  
Blogger Krys said...

That's exactly why I do it, Roger. Either that, or the cats have wandered in & are searching for a doorway into another dimension (as they often do) & I don't want to lock them in. Greg is just a door-closing Nazi!

I have pathologies that are far stanger than the closet door--what about my need to have the window blinds exactly halfway down the window? Wait, this isn't helping me sound more normal.

24/1/06 9:18 AM  

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