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Kooky stuff on the airwaves!

I was flipping through my pre-set AM talk radio shows today, and I punched the button for my favorite radio station - KKNT 960 The Patriot. If you're dense, you can't figure out that they're a conservative station - they call it "The Patriot," for crying out loud. I love this station - it's full of right wing nuts, but I can't listen to it too often or I go insane. Check out the line-up! So it was the middle of the morning, and I caught some of the Dennis Prager show. Prager was ranting about how the Iranian president is a religious crackpot because he believes he is on some holy mission.

Let's chew on this for a bit. Prager is not completely political, but he appears to support our "president." The same president who takes his direction from God. Yes, God talks to our president. And tells him what to do. Bush doesn't listen to the American people. He doesn't listen to Congress. He doesn't listen to his wife, which is probably whom he ought to be taking direction from. Now, you can argue all you want that God really does talk to him, but I wonder why Prager thinks the president of Iran, who believes God is talking to him, is crazy, but Bush, who believes God is talking to him, isn't. That's what annoys me about partisans - they rationalize behavior made by "their guy" while condemning it in others. That goes for people on both sides of the aisle, too, not just right-wing wackos.

So, to review: Muslim president of an enemy country who soon might have a nuclear weapon and believes God talks to him: crazy. Christian president of our country who does have a nuclear weapon and believes God talks to him: sane. Where, please, is the difference?


Blogger john sweet said...

Actually, I spoke with God the other day. He said he was rather pissed off that there are so many people that claim they speak with him. Then, he just kind of rambled on in an inane way. I was rather put out, thinking that an omnipotent and omniscient being could give me a bit of conversation than mere senseless prattle.

Then again maybe it wasn't God. Maybe it was UBIK. There was a laser... I think.

Uncle Monster

18/1/06 10:41 AM  

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