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Bible theme parks, obscene Happy Meals, dead strippers, and Hawaiian time capsules - the links have it all!

Hi there. So I've been surfing the World Wide Web, reading blogs and such, and I have discovered something: not only is the Internet getting bigger, but the part that I have come across is getting bigger. It's hard to keep up. Phew. But, at least this week, we have links! Enjoy.

Politics. Why not start with it?

Pat Robertson's Neighborhood. Funny, but disturbing and sad all the same. How Pat Robertson sees the world. I got this at Respectful Insolence.

In addition to saying really stupid things, Pat Robertson is also planning a biblical theme park in Israel. I wonder if Pat will be surprised when he is sodomized forever in hell. He shouldn't be. Ashley pointed this story out.

Photos and thoughts from New Orleans, four months later. Five parts: One, Two, Three, Four, and Five. Sobering stuff.

Here's a story about a bill that would criminalize all abortions in Indiana. Not for rape, not for incest. The guy who introduced it has "prayed" about it. Nice for him. This is from Shakespeare's Sister.

The government of the United States is running out of cash. Now that's something to bring you confidence in the new year. I got this from Chris McLaren.

David Letterman punks Bill O'Reilly. Badly. I'm sure you can find the video somewhere, if you really want to.

Wal-Mart will no longer donate food to the homeless. Charming. They claim it's because they don't want to get sued. Well, that's certainly possible. Or maybe they're evil.

The fun crap. We can always use a smile!

Why gay marriage is wrong. Oh, the horror that might occur if we allow them queers to marry!

Yes, I know it's mean, but this is the best blonde joke ever.

Person of the Year. Hey - it's me!

Yes, the two jive-talking dudes from Airplane have a web site. The Internet continues to grow in weird places. This is from Something Old, Nothing New.

Best Batman joke ever:
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I found it here, after seeing the link here.

Sleestak found an unintentionally obscene Narnia character in his McDonald's Happy Meal:
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Things you'll never hear Dr. Phil say. My favorite: Keep rockin' with DOKKEN!

Questions pondered on the drive from New York to Alabama (and back).

Carolyn hates things. But her hatred makes you laugh!

Comic book minutiae. You can't look away!

The year in comics - 2006. Strangely prescient!

Galactus demands a Wendy's coupon!

Miscellaneous. Where the mad lurk.

Italy has a law against swindling or conning the public. So some guy is suing a priest on the grounds that he is telling people Jesus exists. This is kind of brilliant in a bizarre way. The plaintiff claims the Church has to prove that Jesus existed or they are guilty of deceiving the public. Those wacky Italians! This is from Majikthise.

How science fiction gets aliens wrong. From The Ministry of Information.

Dorian points us to the town that turned against its superhero. So sad. Here's his web page, if you want to support the Captain.

I don't really like Kate Moss, but this is pretty funny: She's telling the London cops she'll return to England to face allegations of drug use when she's damn good and ready. I found this at Strike the Root.

I keep forgetting to mention, and now the voting closes tomorrow (the 8th, that is), so you can still get there: The Asshole of the Year Award!

Candy Barr, the stripper who hung with Jack Ruby, has died at 70. The world is a little darker today. Here she is working with Joan Collins:
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Hey! The psychiatrist who claimed that gays can be cured died on Christmas at 83. I only mention this because I myself used to be gay. But now I'm cured! Oh, the joy!

Chris McLaren gives us 100 things we didn't know at this point last year. Some of them, unfortunately, I knew. It's very Anglo-centric, mind you.

This is an old story, but I thought it was kind of cool: A Hawaiian time capsule from 1872 has been found. Neat.

Yes, it's the great Alaskan drink: The Duck Fart. This is from Dave Barry's blog.

Thirteen things in science that do not make sense. Some are, of course, neater than others. I got this whilst reading the Anti-Corporate Patriot.

What's this?
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It's a cauliflower! Painted to emphasize the fractals on it. How cool. I got this here after seeing it on Stuntmother.

Check out the Brady Bunch kung fu video game. You know you want it! I spotted this at The Great Curve.

An Elmo book asks "Who wants to die?" This sounds like an urban legend, but what the hell, I'll disseminate it anyway. I saw this at The Beat.

Finally, since it's the New Year, I link (but do not steal) a naughty New Year photo. Oh, it's shocking, the depravity of man!

That's all I got. I hope it's enough. Because, let's face it, I'm never going to bring you the whole thing. I do what I can, though.


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My link fix! Thanks!

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