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Don't these people read my blog and realize that when I'm dictator, I won't stand for this crap?

I like lawyers. I only have experience with three of them, and have employed two (the third is a divorce lawyer, so it's probably good I haven't employed him), but I have no problem with lawyers. They do a job. However, I recognize that some people have issues with them because they are leading idiots down a twisted road of litigation that will come to no good.

Today I have heard on ESPN that a bunch of people are considering suing Major League Baseball because of the roof at the Houston Astros' ballpark being open the last two nights of the World Series. They are not doing this because they think MLB cost their team the wins. The Astros screamed bloody murder because their team apparently sucks with the roof open - listen, Houston, if you can't win games with the roof open, then you don't deserve to win the title. No, these people are considering suing MLB because they got sick from the chilly weather that Houston had those nights and they weren't sufficiently prepared for it.

I wish I was making this up. These people have no access to a local news channel with a weatherperson, nor do they have access to any kind of sports outlet that had all the news about the roof being open. It's also Houston, for crying out loud! It got down to 50, apparently. Dear God, doesn't anyone realize your brain freezes at those temperatures?????

I doubt if this thing will go very far, because even these people can't be that idiotic. However, the fact that I heard of this means that all those people contemplating suing MLB would go into the camps if I were in charge. And any lawyer who takes this case would also be thrown into a hole somewhere. Yes, lawyers are just in it to make money, but there are plenty of legitimate things to make money off of. By encouraging these people, they are giving them false hope that they can get rich because they're stupid. Maybe it works for Paris Hilton, but not for most people.

When are they holding the referendum to give me supreme power? Shouldn't it be soon?


Blogger Kait W. said...

Oh no, dear Greg, these people will go to court, and they will win. Because that is the way our great nation works. Don't you remember the McDonald's coffee incident???
I do hope you become dictator soon, so you can overrule stupid crap like this!

28/10/05 5:49 AM  
Blogger Woody! said...

You get 'em, Greg!

28/10/05 12:54 PM  
Blogger Ashley said...

Minute Maid Park (nee Enron Field) was designed to be open unless it's raining/storming. This is why I don't go to sports events. I get nervous and/or annoyed when I am surrounded by the ignorant masses.

28/10/05 3:00 PM  

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