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George Bush is an idiot

Yes, I know that's not news. (Well, except maybe to this guy.) But he's even more idiotic than usual. Rafael Palmeiro was suspended yesterday for 10 days for violating Major League Baseball's substance abuse policy. He claims that he took it but did not know that he was taking it. Whatever. Bush said yesterday that Palmeiro is a friend and that "he's testified in public, and I believe him."

I want to be a friend of Bush. This would give me license to do whatever the hell I wanted. I know Bush is no fan of science, but I like how the guy tested positive, admitted he did it, and Bush still gives him a free pass. Couldn't he at least said he was a friend and that he would support him? That's nice and ambiguous. But not Bush!

Keep your mouth shut, George. We'll like you better that way.


Blogger Thomas said...

Maybe Rafael Palmeiro can go work for the CIA or something.

3/8/05 4:43 PM  

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