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I have a lot of links today, but I figured many of you have Monday off (unless you're one of those furriners what don't celebrate American independence!), so you have some extra time to read! Enjoy!

Funny stuff. Laugh, clown, laugh!

I saw this a while ago, but Dave Rhodes gives us a link to bad album covers, including

this one. Posted by Picasa

Trash Heap shows us the way to buy

this excellent T-shirt. Posted by Picasa

Remarks that turn any date into a final one.

Heather links to what really happens when you burn a flag. No wonder it's dangerous!

Monitor Duty gives us a link to the Buttered Cat Array and other "sound" scientific principles. Ah, if only they were true!

Thomas is back from Puerto Rico (nice to see you back, Thomas!) and he gives us ideas for new reality shows. These I might watch!

"Negotiating with terrorists." It's all about the quotation marks, people!

Advice on women and raising babies – 1919 style! Here's an example: "A normal woman, who has not become imbued with false ideas and fears, desires children." Now that's good reading!

Genesis revisited: a scientific creation story. Well, I thought it was funny.

Naked chicks with pandas! There's (sort of) an explanation, I promise. I tried to show the picture here, but it's not a .jpg file, and I'm not smart enough to figure it out. Just go check it out! (You have to scroll down, but that's not difficult, is it?)

Best name for a bail bonding place EVER.

If you're not reading Dave's Long Box, shame on you. (Okay, some of you aren't into comics - I understand.) But it also means you miss fun stuff like this:

So ... many ... questions! Posted by Picasa

Politics. Let freedom ring!

Hey, look! the Department of Defense is compiling a database on kids ages 16 to 18 and college age. Yeah, we're not bringing back the draft! This comes from Education Wonks.

Conservatives are angry about the Ground Zero Memorial. Apparently, some people want to make it a whole "what's wrong with the United States" thing. Now, I'm all for telling people what's wrong with the United States, but I agree with this. The Ground Zero Memorial should be about 3000 people dying because terrorists blew them up. Period.

The Cartoon Network (and the FCC, apparently) censored Futurama. Okay, it was on "Adult Swim," so kids shouldn't have been watching. But go see what words they censored and then tell me we're not being governed by Christian fundamentalists.

Why Americans elect partisan politicians. Interesting stuff.

Balloon Juice links to a Eugene, Oregon Republican who has quit the party.

Free speech takes a hit in Britain. There's a new law being bandied about that would end speech that promotes "religious hatred." Boy, that opens a can of worms, doesn't it? This comes from Andrew Sullivan.

Here's a link to 95 theses about the Religious Right. Just like Martin Luther! This comes from Pharyngula.

The Georgia House has banned genital piercing for women. It's supposed to be because of men forcing them to have their genitals pierced, but it makes it illegal for women to do it to themselves. That's just weird. Well, genital piercing itself is weird, but to make it illegal to do it to yourself? This comes from Welcome to the Sideshow.

How the United States defines "terrorist." Very interesting stuff. Dave also links to this, which is where he got the inspiration for the post.

The New Yorker article about the college that is training Christians to be politicians. Hanna Rosin, the writer, was on The Daily Show last week, and this is a really interesting article. They're all Republicans, naturally.

George Bush demands a timetable for withdrawal! I know defenders of the president would say "this is different," and it is, but check it out. Somewhat ironic, I suppose.

Rick Santorum opened his mouth again, and we get this response, which is what has happened now that the Catholic Church doesn't run things in Ireland.

Will David Souter lose land because of the Supreme Court Kelo v. City of New London decision he agreed with? This has been around, but I saw it first on Balloon Juice. It's cute and somewhat funny, but Heretical Ideas tells us why this is a stupid publicity stunt. You be the judge!

John Cole also points out this story: some Europeans are helping to fund the Iraqi resistance. Take that as you will. They have reasons to hate us, true, but then they wonder why we hate them. Can't we all just get along????

The situation in Iraq from someone who is actually there. This is from Road to Surfdom. Guess what? You can also find bloggers in Iraq who think everything is going swimmingly. But I choose not to show that. It's all about propaganda, baby!

Losing faith in the electoral process – it's not just for Democrats anymore!

The Rude Pundit links to a story about College Republicans justifying not signing up for a war they support. Yes, it's another cheap shot, but it bears asking - why aren't they? Good answers here!

Here's an interesting post about illegal immigration and Bill Frist's comments about it.

Everyone has heard of the really racist Mexican stamps, right? First, I like how President Fox says the stamps aren't offensive. Yeah, he doesn't get to decide that. Second, who gives a flying fuck what kind of stamps Mexico puts out? Why are Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton concerned? Have they not been in the news for a while, and they're lonely? Last time I checked, Mexico was a sovereign nation and could make any stamps they goddamned well pleased. Screw 'em. If they want to be stupid ignorant racists, what the hell business is that of ours?

Spain legalizes gay marriage. Yes, Spain, one of the most Catholic countries around and where the Inquisition really took off, is more progressive than the United States. I may be sick.

ABC pulls reality show that pisses off both sides of the political spectrum. Isn't that a good reason to leave it on the air? I saw this first on The Huffington Post.

I was reminded of the 45th anniversary (30 June) of Congo's independence here. The United States didn't like Patrice Lumumba, the democratically-elected leader of the Congo. Six months later he was dead. Coincidence? My wife and I use the term "Lumumba moment" when something bad is going to happen. Just so you know.

I know it's so very wrong to compare Iraq to Vietnam, but here's your "Vietnam 2" preflight check. This is courtesy of Firedoglake.

Venezuela won't allow Colombian troops to hunt down Colombian rebels inside Venezuela. The reason this is interesting is because the Colombian army is trying to kill people the United States does not like, and the United States really, really hates Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez, as I mentioned a few days ago.

Comic book stuff. The geeks shall inherit the earth!

My latest column is up here. Find out why you should read Avengers Annual #10!

The awesomeness quotient for comics. Because you need to know how awesome your comics are!

Heretical Ideas gives us the movie poster for V for Vendetta. If you don't know what V for Vendetta is, you're not a comic book geek. I already put the poster up over at Comics Should Be Good, but if you missed it there, here it is:

The tag line reads "People should not be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people." If the movie is half as cool as that advertising, I'm there. Posted by Picasa

I'm not going to steal this, because it's an original drawing, but here's the link to a woman with a bomb between her legs. It's not dirty or anything, but it is loaded with subtext!

Ian Brill, who had a birthday and his year anniversary at his blog, talks about this:

A House of Mystery cover. More fun than comic book covers should be allowed to have! Posted by Picasa

Mike Sterling links to The First Church of Galactus. Awesome.

The strange worlds of Lois Lane.

All the miscellaneous stuff, where the really weird crap is.

Orac links to the transcript of the Tom Cruise Today show interview. In case you didn't see it or needed more convincing that Cruise is, actually, insane.

Tom Peyer, as usual, has great links, like this post that gives us the Power Team! Smashing stuff for Jesus ROX!

A boys' baseball team is kicked out of the league for being too good. Competition blows, man!

Do you know what the No true Scotsman fallacy is? Learn it here!

This poll says most women want Jessica Simpson's hairstyle. Now, I think Ms. Simpson is kind of dumb and I don't like her music, but here's the difference between men and women:

Most guys aren't looking at her hairstyle here. At least she cleans up nice. (I stole this from the latest issue of GQ, which I bought for a different reason. I swear. All may be explained soon.) Posted by Picasa

Lots of people have linked to the story about "zombie" dogs, but I saw it first here. Zombie Tom has already bought his!

You may have seen the zombie dogs, but are you ready for ... zombie contractors?!?!? The link comes from Majikthise.

Majikthise also has a flying snake post. Yes, a flying snake post. She links to the flying snake home page and to flying snake video footage. Go watch it - it's neat-o.

The people at Go Fug Yourself think this is Elizabeth Hurley in a bad dress. Again, the difference between men and women:

Men, do you really care how ugly the dress is? Posted by Picasa

Astrid linked to a nifty web site, Factum - Face the Fact. Every day (almost) is a new offbeat picture. Because I'm a pig, here's an example:

Fishing for women! This is actually a "normal" photo - most are much stranger. But I'm a pig, so you get this one. Posted by Picasa

The Huffington Post links to this story about Islamic militants barging into an Indonesian transvestite beauty pageant and messing up the proceedings. Because, you know, those tranvestites are all against the Quran and shit. Now that's fun news! I wonder how many Christian fundamentalists in our country would say, "You know, those militants had the right idea"?

From PZ Meyers comes the PODgallery, which has lots of bizarre art and the covers of pulp novels! You know you want all of these!

Makes me want to buy a hot rod! (Or is that too much of a double entendre?) Posted by Picasa

I didn't know any teachers like this in college! Posted by Picasa

Are the passions of a lesbian any greater than those of "normal" girls? Posted by Picasa

There's nothing cooler than gay cowboys! Posted by Picasa

Words fail me. I'm so glad stereotypes like this are a thing of the past. Right? Posted by Picasa

A Japanese man breaks his own record for saying from memory the most digits of Pi. This is for the next time your significant other thinks your spending too much time on the computer. Tell him or her that you could be memorizing 80,000 or so digits of Pi. That puts things in perspective. (I plan on using this with Krys, but she'll probably smack me and tell me to shut up.)

Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger didn't like Indira Ghandi or Indians in general. I'm sure that Nixon, down in hell, is upset that people keep dogpiling on him. This isn't exactly news, because I get the feeling Nixon hated everyone.

The co-chaplain of the Seattle Mariners answers your questions! Tom Peyer, as usual, has the goods, plus examples of what kind of answers you can expect.

True tales of children's sports. This may depress you. It's funny, but it may depress you, especially if you're a parent.

Various and Sundry links to the Seinfeld English dictionary and ...

Harrison Ford gives you the finger! Posted by Picasa For more Harrison Ford giving you the finger, go here. It's strange how ubiquitous it is.

Balloon Juice found this story about a Florida woman who has been allowed to take her top off. As the comments section points out, be careful what you wish for. (See how I didn't include a gratuitous picture of some hot topless woman? That's called growth and maturity, that is.)

Chris Cope explains that Minnesotans are "fish-eating drunks." I think we need to come up with a description like this for all 50 states. I'll go first: Pennsylvanians are "scrapple-eating drunks," Oregonians are "tree-hugging drunks," and Arizonans are "golf-playing drunks." Those are the only states I've lived in. Contribute your own! In the same post he links to this, which tells you how old you are in months, weeks, minutes, etc., plus your birth stone and birth tree. My birth tree is a chestnut tree. Who knew?

Links to blogs by teenagers. Interesting ones, too. I always feel better about the future of the country after I read smart kids like these.

Oh Dog, You Sleuth! found this site: Scene from my life. Apparently each week a different person sends in photos from their everyday life. I've only checked it this week, when a Korean was sending in pictures. Neat stuff.

An excellent idea for junk mail. I've seen suggestions like this before, but have never followed through. I may have to start.

Chris Cope links to a page with Welsh profanity! I wish I spoke Welsh - it's a beautiful language. Some day I may get around to learning it.

Why should you care about a picture of Paris Hilton and her similarly-named, looks-like-he's-ready-to-watch-hours-of-football fiancé?

 Posted by Picasa
Because you need to check out the close-up of his shirt!

Creepy! As usual with silly celebrity clothing this is brought to you by the fine folk at Go Fug Yourself. Posted by Picasa

Help Latigo Flint write a book! I'm totally serious. Add a sentence in the comment section to the serious literature already there.

A new book that is coming out this week claims that homosexuality is completely genetic. Of course, the guys who wrote it used to sing in The Village People, so of course they'd say that. And they're Commies.

Well, I had a few more, but Blogger, as I mentioned, sucks. I actually saved the whole draft and published it, but it never went up. I saw the whole draft in my saved section and logged off the computer, planning to come back later. When I did, the draft was back to where it was much earlier in the day. Bizarre.

Anyway, have fun with the links.


Blogger N said...

Weird, Greg. I saw the full post with the other links (eye of Saurun, etc). I even left a comment. Now that post is gone, and my comment is too.


Anyway, my comment was just thanking you for all the entertainment.

3/7/05 10:29 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

Damn, N. The eye of Sauron is the one thing I forgot about. I'll have to go back and make that a special, separate post. Stupid Blogger.

4/7/05 7:28 AM  
Blogger Walker said...

Happy 4th of July Greg

4/7/05 12:30 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

Thank you, Walker. Happy Canada Day to you (a few days late, sure, but I'm an ugly American - everyone should be thankful we even remember other countries exist!).

4/7/05 1:21 PM  
Blogger fdfs said...

That's just the sentiment I posted at my own blog, Greg! Happy 4th! Nice linkage, by the way --- you find the best stuff!

4/7/05 1:46 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

Thanks for the links again, always good to have plenty of fodder to read on here. Happy 4th Greg, hope you and the girls are doing great :)

4/7/05 3:19 PM  
Blogger layne said...

Happy 4th to you and yours, and happy birthday to Koko!

4/7/05 7:08 PM  
Blogger Astrid said...

"Astrid linked to a nifty web site, Factum - Face the Fact. Every day (almost) is a new offbeat picture. Because I'm a pig, here's an example:


Fishing for women! This is actually a "normal" photo - most are much stranger. But I'm a pig, so you get this one." --> Oh, I must confess that I used to like this site much better in the "old" days when it was less sex-orientated! Haha ... silly me. Anyhow, thanks for the link. So I got a wacky Blog, excellent!!! I hate to have something or to be normal!

7/7/05 12:02 AM  
Blogger Roger Owen Green said...

I've been saving all my Blogger stuff even the stuff I haven't posted - in a Word doc (backed up) ever since that RogeRoger post I put up yesterday (but started two months ago!), very link-intense, disappeared. Talk about arrrgh!!

7/7/05 4:10 AM  
Blogger Roger Owen Green said...

Greg- Are you familiar with the noun santorum? Go to
The use of this word was spearheaded by a sex columnist named Dan Savage ("Savage Love") and his readers. You can read at (if you're over 18, and with two kids, you damn well better be!) Actually, I know you are - I've seen your Two Daughters website.

7/7/05 5:36 AM  
Blogger Roger Owen Green said...

Greg- One last thing- I didn't know about the Mexican stamp thing until I read the reference to it in your blog. You're in the Southwest, I'm in the Northeast. However, yesterday, it DID make it as a brief mention in Metroland, the alternative newsweekly in the Albany, NY area.


8/7/05 3:09 AM  

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