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Things you think about when it's midnight ...

... and you can't sleep because the kid is crying every five minutes and all the caffeine you had over the course of the day is affecting you, which it rarely ever has (does that mean I'm getting old? - seriously, caffeine never affects me, but last night ...), and your mind is racing:

Did you know that "varsity" is a colloquial slang term for "university"? Now you do!

The lights you see when you close your eyes tightly are called phosphenes. I read this years ago and for some reason remembered it. When I write the Uncanny X-Men (it will happen, I tells ya!), one of my villains will be an mutant assassin who lives only as phosphenes - she can travel from eye to eye like that, and kills by making your eyes explode. There. I put it in print. If anyone steals it, I'll come looking for you!

The shortest war in history was the War of the Cricket Match, fought in 1896 between Zanzibar and England. It lasted 37 minutes and 23 seconds. Just so you know.

I learned today that there have been many instances when the record high and record low for a day at a specific place were achieved on the same day. The most dramatic was probably Las Vegas, which on 13 July 1972 had a high temperature of 119 and a low of 48. Cool.

See? Even when I have other things going on, I can still tell you some useless trivia. This is what I do.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and offered their congratulations. They really should be for Krys, since I just sat there all day wondering why this annoying woman was interrupting my viewing of Pardon The Interruption. The nerve of her!

More information about Norah and Mia can be found, obviously, at Mia and Norah's blog. We'll have pictures soon. Real ones, not Winston Churchill. I promise.


Blogger Chris Cope said...

The war of the cricket match is now my favorite bit of trvia. I think it has great potential as a business or life metaphor.

24/6/05 12:29 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

I'm so flattered that Krys had wee Norah on my birthday....what a lovely pass's the babe so I can have a smell!

Congratulations Greg. Great job Krys..glad to hear both are well. SUPER news!!!

And I knew about the varsity thing already. ha! lol

24/6/05 7:51 PM  
Blogger Greg said...

I forgot it was your birthday, Sara. I read that you had a good one. And yes, she smells great.

Ah, I tried to be clever - but you were cleverer than I!

25/6/05 8:36 AM  

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